Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Yet Another Lucasfilm Shoot

It never gets old.

Today, R2 participated in another video shoot for Lucasfilm, this time at Smashbox Studios in Hollywood, CA. As usual, I can't be specific as to what the shoot was for, or when it will air. Once it does air (and it sounds like it will be in the reasonable-future), I can share a lot more pictures and information.

I got up at 4:55am for the 8:00am call time on Stage 1. With a 50 mile drive through Southern California traffic, you never know how long the commute will take. I arrived an hour early.

Today was a case of an eight hour day for 20 minutes of shooting at the end of the day. Of that 20 minutes, I suspect that R2 will appear for less than five seconds of the resulting video. Thus, R2 spent the vast majority of the day in his dressing room, standing by.

Once R2 was called on the set, he made friends with one of the video editing bays.

This was a green-screen set, and the shots involving R2 were either over-the-shoulder, or profile shots.

Once we were done shooting, many of the crew took pictures with R2.

At 6:00pm, we wrapped up. I loaded R2 into the Droidmobile, and made the 2-hour commute home in rush hour traffic. (Yum.)

As I say, I'll have a lot more to share once this airs.


Michael Smith said...

You seem to get called a lot and I have a question: Do they seem to like that your R2 is so clean? Cause he's like ceremony clean as opposed to weathered.

Victor Franco said...

I'd say that they generally don't seem to mind that he's clean. I suspect that if they ever needed a droid for a shoot for which a dirtied up droid would make more sense (e.g., a scene that mimics Dagobah), then my droid would not qualify.


Paul said...

Again...simply amazed and a bit jealous. Wow.