Saturday, August 20, 2011

JB Welded Wooden Segments to Back Door

Today I finally had a little time to work on the back door mounting.

I am using JB Weld to attach the wooden segments I cut earlier. These segments have a steel dowel pin and screw head attached on them. A matching wooden segment on the frame will have a corresponding hole for the pin, and a magnet for the screw head.

I applied some JB weld to the side of the wooden block that gets glued to the inside of the door. Afterward, I spread it around a little.

I then applied it in place on the door, where I had made guiding pencil marks earlier when I did a fit inside the droid. The pin is just pressed in for now. It will be glued in later.

After the JB Weld on the first block had a chance to cure for a while, I worked on the other one. The block is sitting a little above the pencil alignment marks, ready to be flipped over and glued down.

And down it goes.

I'll let the JB Weld cure overnight, and then I can work on the matching wooden segments that get attached to the frame.

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