Sunday, August 07, 2011

Started Working on Back Door Holders

Today I started working on the pieces of plywood that I plan to use to help hold the back door in place on droid #2. On droid #1 I use screws, but I'm going to give this alternate approach a try first.

First, I cut a couple of 1" square segments of 1/2" spare Baltic birth. These will be glued onto the back panel.

I then sanded one side to match the profile of the curve of the back door, using an old scrap piece from the skins.

The curve is subtle, but it's there at the top.

Next, I cut four more 1" square segments from the same 1/2" Baltic birch. These will be attached to the frame, and will hold the rare earth magnets.

I drilled the holes for the 8mm-diamter, 3mm-tall magnets, using a 5/8" drill bit.

A loose fit show that the magnet fits in just right.

I also drilled and countersunk holes for the screws that I will use to attach the four segments to the frame.

Finally, I drilled 1/8" diameter, 3/8" deep holes into the two bottom segments that will receive the steel dowel pins that will be glued into the segments that will be attached to the back door.

The idea is that the segment on the right will be attached to the frame, and house a rare earth magnet and the hole for the steel dowel pin. The segment on the left will be attached to the door, and house a magnetically attractive screw head, and the steel dowel pin. Two more screw-head-and-magnet pairs at the top of the door and frame will help keep the door in place. At least, that's the idea.

This is as far as I got today. Nothing has been attached to the door or frame yet.

Next up, I need to tape the door tight to the droid, and start marking where attach these wooden segments.

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