Saturday, August 13, 2011

Droid #2 Part Count

Here it is, the posting for what I believe to be the final part count for droid #2. If I discover any errors or omissions, I'll come back and fix this posting.

I counted parts as follows: For those parts that I built from scratch, every constituent part that went into the whole counts as an individual item. For example, if each leg is made from 5 layers of plywood, then that counts as 5 parts per leg. However, if I purchased a part that was partially or completely assembled, then I only counted the number of parts as they arrived to me. For example, the Ben and Jason front logics are made from many parts, but I count them as 2 (top and bottom).

The part count does not list any paint, although I went through many, many cans. Nor does the part count list wood glue, though I applied a bunch for the wooden frame, legs, horseshoes, etc. Same with silicone, CA glue, and PVC glue. I counted small amounts of tape here and there (LDP, front vents), although I skipped the VHB tape that I used to attach the dome panels.

So, the final part count total is.... 1,470. I was surprised at how high the total ended up being. I thought it might hit 1,000, but not this high. I know for a fact that droid #1 has many more parts, as I did more scratch-building (the foot shells especially), and there are more electronics in it. Droid #1 probably has upward of 1,700 individual parts.

So here's the list, in all it's glory. Scroll through and double-check it for me. (Unfortunately, scrolling through the spreadsheet may not be supported on some mobile browsers.)

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