Thursday, August 04, 2011

Finished & Glued In Ankle Brackets

See? I told ya I wasn't quite done with droid #2.

One of the few remaining tasks was to finish up the ankle brackets. The backing strip on the right bracket fits fine.

The backing strip on the left, however, doesn't fit quite right. This is due to a combination of the strip not being cut perfectly straight, and the main body of the bracket not sitting deep enough against the booster cover and leg.

I sanded the backing strip to be straight.

I also sanded some of the inner perimeter of the main bracket piece, so that it can fit more snugly around the booster cover and leg.

I cleaned up the dust, and glued the backing strips in place, using Testors model glue.

A toothpick helps clean the excess glue.

The fit on the left leg is better. I didn't noticed that I scuffed a little of the aluminum paint on the back of the strip, I'll probably touch that up with a brush shortly.

All that's left is installation of the back door and rear power coupler. (The to-do ankle locks don't count, as I don't consider them an official part of the droid.)

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