Sunday, August 21, 2011

Abandoned Pins and Magnets for Back Door, Started Cutting Brackets

Well, I suppose deep down I had a feeling this might happen. I decided to back off using the magnets and pins to secure the back door, and I'll go with the screws and brackets that I used on droid #1.

I started the day by jamming the wooden segment that will go on the frame onto the pin that's in the wooden segment on the door. I held the door in place, and traced where the wooden segments that go on the frame should be.

I then used the two holes on the wooden segment to mark where to drill, by spinning the drill bit lightly manually.

Then I drilled the holes and screwed down the segment. The magnet is not yet glued in.

I repeated the process for the other side, and did a test-fit of the door.

With a little fidgeting, I was able to get the pins on the door segments into the holes on the frame segments. However, I did not like the fact that I almost needed to flex the door in order to get the pins to line up. Even then, the fit was very snug.

I could have kept adjusting things, but I decided that it was more grief than it was worth. When I started this process, I figured if it worked easily, then great. If not, I'll back off and attach the door like I do on droid #1. So that's what I'll do. I haven't removed the pieces I JB Welded to the door yesterday. I can probably just twist them off, or if need be I'll Dremel them off. They actually aren't posing any problems, so for the moment I'll just leave them there.

In the evening, I cut four segments of 1" angle iron. These will be screwed onto the frame, holes will be drilled, and the door will be attached, just like on droid #1.

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