Sunday, August 28, 2011

Installed Rear Power Coupler, Finished Droid #2

Today I installed the rear power coupler, thus finishing droid #2.

First, I lifted the droid onto a couple of chairs, to get the frame parallel to the ground.

I cut the fuzzy side of some Velcro to size, and stuck it on the back of the power coupler.

The other side of the Velcro gets attached to a wooden block.

I applied some wood glue to the block, and glued it down onto the bottom of the frame.

I then attached the back door with the power coupler in place, and made very slight adjustments to the location of the wooden block, so that it holds the power coupler in perfectly.

And with that, droid #2 is done.

Poor droid #2. He didn't get any of the fanfare that droid #1 got. For one thing, droid #2 is not yet remote-controlled. I'm going to leave him static for the moment. At some point I'm sure I'll R/C him, but I don't need to for now. He does have the dome and sound automation circuit installed and working, so he's not completely moribund.

So, what's next? Well, no more droids(!). I do have a couple of projects for the two I already have, though.

First, I have an A&A R5 dome that I want to build, so that I can change R2-D2's personality to R5-D4, along with some red overlay panels. Second, there are some improvements on droid #2 that I'd like to apply to droid #1, such as the electronics panel, and I want to bring the shoulders a little closer to the body on droid #1, and apply the same aluminum flashing on the shoulders that droid #2 has.

So things will slow down here a little bit, but I have events on the calendar, and I can't stay away from building for too long. :)

Thanks for following along, it's been a fun ride, and it's not over yet.



Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

Congrats! Great looking droid and thanks for all the fish.. I mean tips! :-D

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Edward! I enjoy your posts to the board, and the humor you bring to the group.

James said...

Great work!! Look forward to seeing the R5 conversion :-)

Andy said...

Congratulations on your beautiful second droid! My 4-year-old and I spent most of Labor Day weekend reading your entire blog and planning our first build (not to worry, he's the brains and I'm the one using the potentially hazardous tools and chemicals). Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful blog!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks for the kind words Andy. An R2 would make an awesome father/son project.


Matt McCormick said...

Congrats Victor. Looks great. Nice to know what you're the second time around I bet

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Matt! I definitely benefitted from going through this once before.