Saturday, September 10, 2011

Clone Wars Season 4 Premiere Benefit Screening

Today was R2's 100th event, a benefit for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern California at the Aquarium of the Pacific, in Long Beach, CA.

The event was a special screening of the first two episodes of season 4 of The Clone Wars. There were probably at least 100 kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs in attendance. They all got goodie bags, light sabers, and other prizes, in addition to being able to see the season premiere early. This was courtesy of Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network, both of whom had representatives on hand. Cartoon Network and G4 TV had camera crews as well.

The characters greeted the kids and other visitors throughout the day.

We also had the Jedi Training Academy going.

Around lunch time, we entered the VIP area to join members of the voice cast, along with director Dave Filoni and others. Everyone was super-nice. I've always found that to be the case with the Clone Wars group.

Ahmed Best, everyone's favorite Gungan.

Cat Taber, the voice of Padme in the series.

Director Dave Filoni. Later, he chatted a good 30 minutes in the changing room with us about the show, especially the clone uniforms, easter eggs and other fun trivia.

Former Angels shortstop David Eckstein is the husband of Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka. Remembering the good times with the Angels.

Daniel Logan also stopped by to say hi for a moment.

Matthew Wood, who supplies the voice of General Grievous and the battle droids, and is a very accomplished sound editor, kindly signed R2's back door, and checked out the insides of the droid afterward.

Lest I give the impression that I was getting undue attention, I was mainly lucky, and pretty much all the guys got to talk to the Clone Wars crew, and do some TV as well.

After the VIP session, we went back to entertaining the crowd.

It was a fun day.

The full photoset is here.


Edward Reed (edwardo) said...

WOW! What an awesome event! And a great event to celebrate your droid's 100th!

Anonymous said...

We were just down there a few weeks ago. Great venue to have the event, and as usual R2 was looking good!
Good work! And 100 events! wow!


James said...

What a fantastic day!!:-)
Here's to many more events.

Gunbu said...

Hey congrats on 100 events. That droid is a regular socialite! Also congrats on finishing droid #2!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks guys!