Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wrangling for Matthew, Finished Installing Back Door

This morning I assisted Matthew Henricks, as he brought his droid (not mine) out to the Orange County, CA fundraiser kickoff at the local Boy Scouts of America office.

As the scouts and parents waited to view an instructional video, Matthew talked about and showed his droid to them.

A little later, he went upstairs for an incognito bird's-eye view, while I worked as droid security. "Be gentle..."

In the afternoon, I was able to finish up installation of the back door on droid #2.

I sanded smooth the area where I glued in a toothpick and some JB Weld last night, and then I temporarily installed the bracket.

I drilled through the hole in the door, and through the bracket.

I then removed the bracket, and took it to the vise, for tapping with my new #4-40 tap bit.

I installed the bracket one last time, and then countersunk the remaining three holes on the back door.

Door installation is complete!

All that remains is the installation ofl the rear power coupler, and then droid #2 will be done.

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