Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Painted Cylinder Holders (Again), Unmasked Side Vents, Started Gluing in Under Shoulder Details

This evening I repainted the cylinder holders. Third time's the charm!

Next, I unmasked the side vents that I glued in with silicone yesterday.

The vents are in there pretty solidly. I was able to grab one of the vent ribs and rotate the droid on the carpet, so I'd say the bond is fairly strong.

I wrapped up by gluing the first two under shoulder details in place. I'm using the "Household Goop" product for this job, because it seems to bond a little better than silicone, and sometimes folks try to help me lift the droid by the "armpits," where these details are located. I don't want them coming loose.

I applied some Goop on the main body of the part, where it makes contact with the armpit area of the leg, and also the very ends of the legs, again where they make contact.

And in it goes. Note that unlike droid #1, I did not paint the armpit area to be aluminum-colored, for a couple of reasons. First, the area is mostly hidden by the part itself, and second, it faces the ground, so unless someone gets down on their hands and knees and looks up, they won't even see what color the paint is.

I repeated the process for the other leg.

I'm only doing one part per leg, so that the Goop can fully cure, before turning the leg over and doing the other side.

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