Monday, July 11, 2011

Attached Side Vents & Outer Ankle Wedges, Cleaned Up Ankle Cylinder Holders

Well, I don't see a reason why I will need to remove the skins, so I decided to glue the side vents down today, thus somewhat bonding the front and rear skins together. I did consider alternative methods of attaching the side vents, but in 4+ years I haven't had to remove the skins on droid #1, so hopefully I won't have to do so on droid #2 anytime soon.

I used a utility knife to scrape clean the back perimeter of the vents.

I then applied a bead of silicone to the perimeter of the skins where the left side vent goes.

And, on it goes.

Blue painter's tape holds the vent in place while the silicone cures.

Same deal for the right side vent. First silicone.

Followed by the vent.

Followed by tape.

Next, I worked on gluing down the ankle wedges, again with silicone. I worked on the left leg first. I only applied silicone to the bottom of the wedge piece, where it makes contact with the cylinder.

And on it goes.

I repeated the process for the right ankle. (I really like how that slot above the wedge turned out on the ankle.)

Finally, I wrapped up by doing a little clean-up work on the ankle cylinder holders that were trimmed yesterday. The band saw left a few small bumps and ridges.

I sanded them fairly smooth. I fought the temptation to use Evercoat to make them perfect. These things face the ground with only less than an inch of clearance above the foot shells. They are ready for painting (for the third time!!).

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