Wednesday, July 06, 2011

More Center Ankle Finishing Work, Attached Ankle Details

I applied some more primer to the center ankle, and found a few small areas that could use just a little more filling.

These areas will hardly be seen (if at all), so I'm not going to worry about them much more. On goes a some Evercoat.

After it dried, I sanded it smooth. I think I can move forward with primer and paint soon.

I also attached the resin ankle details to the ankles. I'm using short segments of toothpicks for this, and they work remarkably well. (I just remarked on it, so there's your proof.)

I cut the tip off of each toothpick, and measured and marked four 1/2" segments.

I used the wire-cutting part of my needle nose pliers to cut the segments.

I inserted one end into the backs of the ankle details. It's a nice, snug fit.

The other end goes into the matching holes I drilled in the leg, back in January.

I pressed the ankle detail flush with the leg. It's on there nice and tight, I don't think it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

I decided to do a test fit of the ankle cylinder holders. They fit well when R2 is standing straight up.

Oh yeah, this problem. When the foot tilts the required 18 degrees, things don't fit correctly. I had this with droid #1 as well, and it's similar to the problem I've been having with the center leg.

For droid #1, I trimmed about 1/4" off the outer radius of the ankle cylinder holders. As of now, I plan to do the same for droid #2.

I'm still not sure what's the root cause of this problem, but it either has to be that the ankle bolt hole in the ankle is too high, or the hole in the drivetrain for the ankle bolt is too low. Or some combination of both. Either way, I don't much care anymore, I'm gong to trim the cylinder holder.

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