Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Evercoat for Center Ankle, Installed Ankle Bracelets, Booster Cover Slot Fillers

This evening I put in a little (re)finishing work on the center ankle.

The silly thing is, most of this work will never be seen, as it faces just millimeters above the top of the center foot shell. Still, it's not a lot of effort, and some small areas on the sides needed a little work. This was a first pass with Evercoat, I probably need to make another light pass tomorrow.

Next, I worked on fitting the ankle bracelets back on. As was the case yesterday when fitting the booster cover parts together, today I found that the paint thickness made it difficult to get the bracelets around the booster covers.

I sanded the paint from the inner perimeter of the PVC ankle bracelets.

After iterative sanding and fitting, I finally got the bracelets around the booster covers.

Finally, I wrapped up by fitting the booster cover slot fillers into the slots on the booster cover top pieces. I had painted these aluminum a little while ago, and once again, the thickness of the paint made for too tight a fit, so they needed to be sanded a little bit too, and then they were able to fit in. It's still a very snug fit, so I didn't need to glue these in. They will be difficult to remove if I ever need to do so, I'll have to push them out from the front.

The Lucasfilm droids have these slot fillers aluminum colored, so that's what I did here. On droid #1, I painted them blue. I think I actually like the blue better, but this is okay too.

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