Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drilled Legs for Ankle Details, Applied Foil Tape to Eye

I got a little work done on the legs and eye today.

Earlier I had written that I would wait to drill the holes in the legs for the ankle details until after I had painted the legs white, but I changed my mind and decided to drill them today, mainly because I don't know when the weather will cooperate enough to paint them. (It rained here today.)

I used the same template that I used to drill the holes in the back of the resin ankle details.

Here's how a professional sets this up. It takes years to collect just the right phone books.

I centered the #43 drill bit, and drilled about 3/8" deep. This is 1/8" deeper than I drilled the ankle details, I want to ensure that the holes will accommodate toothpicks that are 1/2" long, give or take a little.

Once I drilled one side on each leg, I flipped the template over and drilled the other side.

I sincerely hope these holes match those on the backs of the ankle details. They should, this worked with droid #1. I did not actually try fitting the ankle details onto the leg, because they can be difficult to remove, and I'd rather wait until I'm ready to mount them in place for good, which will come after final painting of the legs.

In the evening, it was time to apply the foil tape to the grooves on the right side of the eye. There are various approaches to adding this color, such as painting, using a metallic-colored pen, auto pin striping, etc., but I opted to use the foil tape, once again.

I will admit that it's a trial-and-error process for me, getting the strips to the right width, and not crinkling the foil tape. But with 50 yards of tape, there is some room for error.

The first piece is in.

As is the second.

And finally, the long third piece.

I also unmasked yesterday's painting job on the ankle cylinders and ankle details. The dark areas on the ankle details aren't due to leaked paint, they are the areas I sanded with black 600 grit sand paper. I'll probably give them a mist coat of primer before painting those areas blue.

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