Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trimmed Ankle Cylinder Holders

As I mentioned earlier, I'm not seeing enough clearance between the top of the foot shells and the ankle cylinder holders on the outer feet for droid #2, so I decided the radius of the holders needed to be trimmed.

I cut a small piece of 3/4" scrap plywood and drilled a hole for a segment of 1/8" rod, that can match the hole on the top of the resin ankle cylinder holder.

I attached the cylinder holder to the rod, and used a compass to mark where I wanted to trim. About 1/4" of material will be removed.

I drilled a pivot-point into the scrap wood and the MDF that held everything, and inserted a nail into the hole. I then went over to my friend Kelvin's house so we could use his band saw to trim the holders.

We decided to do a smaller test cut first, to make sure that this would work. It did.

With the test cut successful, we moved on to cutting along the line.

We repeated the process on the second cylinder holder, and it went well too. Four pieces of scrap, and two reduced ankle cylinder holders.

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