Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Primer for Foot Channels, Horseshoe Paint Touch-Up

The drive to finish painting continues. Today, I applied primer to the channels on all three feet.

First, I sanded the inside of the outer foot channels with 220 grit sandpaper, to help the primer stick to the aluminum.

After cleaning the outer foot channels with acetone, I wrapped the wheels on the center foot in a plastic bag with a rubber band, and masked the areas that don't get painted.

I applied three coats of gray primer, in preparation for white painting soon.

Lastly, I wanted to clean up some crud on the horseshoes that got into the paint while I was painting them the other day. It's very hard to see in the picture, but it's there and I don't want it there.

A light sanding and a light mist coat of Rustoleum Satin White, and they look good to go.

Let me be the last of millions today to say, May the 4th Be With You.

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