Saturday, April 23, 2011

Started Painting Foot Shells

Time to start on the final painting of the foot shells. First up, the doors.

I applied three coats of the Rustoleum Satin White. I think these are done. (Now there's some contrast for you.)

Next up, the center foot shell. There is a little bit of unevenness near the top-left edge of the front face that I may smooth over and repaint.

And finally, the outer foot shells.

Again, three coats.

Oddly enough, some obvious defects became readily apparent that I had missed earlier. These will need to be filled/sanded/repainted, once the paint had dried sufficiently.

All in all, things came out okay.

I don't worry as much about the feet anymore, since they are the first parts that take a beating and get dirty anyway.

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