Friday, April 29, 2011

Painted Legs

Today was a big day, I painted the legs. I've always considered this a milestone, since as Mike Senna once said, "He's all legs."

I started by very lightly sanding the legs with 400 grit sand paper, to smooth out the primer.

After I wiped off all the dust, I set up my highly stable leg-painting apparatus. I think that ladder predates my birth.

Several coats of Rustoleum Satin White later, and leg #1 was done.

Time for leg #2. I wonder how much more weight the apparatus can handle?

After going through the better part of a whole can of paint, leg #2 is done.

Finally, the center leg.

The group picture.

It was somewhat breezy today, and with so much crud in the air I decided to let these finish drying in the garage. I carefully relocated all three legs to the workbench there, and hung them out to dry.

I'll let these dry for a few days, and then decide if they need any touch-up work.

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