Friday, April 29, 2011

Wizard World Anaheim 2011 - Day 1

Today was day #1 of Wizard World weekend in Anaheim. William Miyamoto brought two droids (including the R2-D2 on the right), while Gene Arena, myself and Chris Romines each brought one. Liz Wrightson also brought her droid-in-progress.

When I arrived before the show opened, Chris, Gene, and Liz were getting set up.

Guy Vardaman and his son also dropped by.

As always, once the show opened at 5:00pm, it was pictures, pictures, pictures. With all sorts of interesting people.

The OC Rollergirls, a women's roller derby team(!) was across from us, and also took pictures. (What's Chris looking at?)

A bunch of characters (and droids) were requested to ambush actress Elizabeth Röhm (from Heroes, among other shows), to wish her a happy birthday.

At the end of day, we manacled most of the droids together, using locks that William provided. Hopefully they'll all be there tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is going to be a looong day.


Jessica said...

But couldn't some one have slipped it over the foot and rolled the droid away? Although Wizard world has great security at their events. We only locked up the controllers.

Victor Franco said...

Although it looks like there is slack in the cable, there wouldn't have been enough to slip the cable around the feet and battery boxes (at least, without destroying them). We also locked the droids to the booth itself. We also took our transmitters home for the night.

Wizard World promises good security, they have to protect a bunch of merchandise and vehicles as well. Last year some of the droids stayed overnight. Still, it's like leaving your child with the baby sitter for the first time...