Thursday, April 28, 2011

CHOC Spring 2011 Visit

R2's visits to the Children's Hospital in Orange County, CA are becoming a seasonal event, and today R2 paid his Spring 2011 visit to the hospital. He flew solo today, no costumed characters on this run.

The bear's still there. No remote control for him.

The staff really turned out for pictures today. Although I'm only posting a couple, I think at least 20 different staffers posed for pictures, possibly 30. We had to cut the staff pictures off so that we could visit the patients(!).

Fortunately, I got permission to take a picture of a fortuitous clone trooper (at least, I think he's a clone trooper). Several of the kids' jaws dropped when R2 paid his surprise visit. I love when that happens. Lots of stickers and Star Wars PEZ dispensers were handed out as we went from room to room.

Today was probably our longest and most enthusiastic appearance, and they've all been very good. I look forward to our next visit.

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