Saturday, April 02, 2011

More Electronics Work at Mike's

Today I visited with Mike Senna, for help with the remaining wire-up of electronics panel for droid #2.

On March 28 I wrote, "Why do I have a feeling that when Mike sees this in person, he will be compelled to re-solder it?" Well, I felt compelled to have Mike resolder the tabs on the fuse box, and I think he shared that outlook. The first step was to use his beefy solder gun to remove the old solder.

He then used an old toothbrush (I hope) and some flux remover to clean up the tabs.

He then resoldered the tabs, again using flux remover to clean up any messy spots.

A 7805 voltage regulator, coupled with capacitors, drops the 12-volt power to the 5 volts that is required by the dome and sound automation circuit. This means I don't need a receiver battery, I can use the 5 volt output to power a receiver when I add one, or directly power the dome and sound automation circuit with this.

In the middle of the day, I briefly became a WALL•E builder, as I attached a couple of servos to a board, along with some screws that will help activate a mystery circuit that Mike is working on for his WALL•E.

After a dinner break, Mike finished up the day's work on the droid wire-up. We glued the fuse box in place.

Mike also ran the remaining wires required for powering the CFSound III, and dome motor. The small wire for the CFSound III and battery eliminator circuit required some creative thinking on Mike's part. He tinned up a loop of wire for the ground connection for these components.

Once he was done, we powered up and tested the work. Happily, everything functions as expected. The dome motor rotates and the sounds trigger under the dome and sound automation circuit control. No pictures and video of this yet, but hopefully soon.

A little more work remains, including the connecting of the and on/off switch and battery.

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