Friday, April 01, 2011

Continued Soldering Wires to Electronics

Tonight I picked up a couple of monophone plugs and jacks for wiring up the speaker and roller switch that detects when the dome is centered.

When the two black wires have current running through them, that means the roller switch is in the ON position, and the dome is centered.

The speaker wire is soldered onto the roller switch, and the other end of the wire has the male end of the phono plug soldered on, so it can plug into the female end on the electronics panel, which is hooked up to the circuit that reads the switch.

I'm going to attach the speaker to the frame, so I measure the length of wire that I'll need to reach the electronics panel, so I can plug into it as well.

I also soldered the speaker wire to the speaker.

Maybe with a little luck (and a maybe with a little help) I'll get the wiring wrapped up this weekend.


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