Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Cut and Installed Switch Holders, Heat Sink Holder

If you enjoy seeing holes being drilled, you're in for a treat today. (If not, you're in for some punishment.)

It's time to install the brackets that will hold the main power switch, and the switch that toggles the enabling of the dome and sound automation circuit. These brackets will be made from bent bar that will hang from the bottom of the panel, just above the skirt.

The first thing I did was figure out where the bars will align, so I made guide marks. The 3/4" wide bars will be located between the wooden rails that hold the main batteries in place, and the metal rails used to hold the center leg, one on each side of the center leg.

I also needed to measure how far forward the bar needs to come, so I can reach it without too much trouble. About 2".

Next, I cut a couple of pieces of bar to size, and whaled on them with a hammer to create 90 degree angles.

Drilling time. The main power switch requires a 12mm hole.

The dome and sound automation toggle switch requires a 6mm hole.

I'm using #10 screws to secure the bars to the electronics panel, so I drilled some 0.190" holes through the bars

I then used the holes in the bars as templates for where to drill the board.

I wrapped up by drilling a small scrap of an aluminum angled piece that Mike happened to have sitting around the other day. This will act as a heat sink for the 7805 voltage regulator. I'm using #6 screws to attach the voltage regulator to the aluminum and to attach the aluminum to the panel.

I don't think there are too many holes left to drill, but I do need to start wiring the main power up soon.

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