Monday, April 04, 2011

Finished Dome Centering Sensor

Tonight I fixed the mistakes I made on the dome centering sensor that I worked on last night.

Since this works fine on droid #1, I decided to do the smart thing and trace the piece of PVC from droid #1 that trips the roller switch when the dome is centered.

As I did last night, I trimmed most of the PVC with the miter saw.

I used the PVC piece from droid #1 as a guide for drilling the hole for the dome screw.

I then used the Dremel drum sander attachment to form the curve that the roller switch will ride along.

FInally, I attached the PVC to the front-center dome screw, and relocated the roller switch so that it makes contact with the new piece of PVC.

Here's a video of the current state of the dome electronics.

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