Thursday, March 31, 2011

Painted Battery Box Doors, Side Skin Panels

It was such a warm day here today (high 80s/low 90s) that I had to take a short break from the electronics and paint something.

I looked around for something ready to go, and went with the simplest things I could find: The battery box doors, and the small square pieces of styrene that cover the gaps at the bottom of each side of the skins. On droid #1, I didn't even paint these side pieces since they were originally already white, but I should have, as the styrene and white paint fade differently.

All these panels had already been primed and sanded smooth.

I applied three coats of Rustoleum Satin White paint, about ten minutes apart.

Hopefully that'll do. I'll look them over tomorrow and check to see if they could use another coat or two, but I think they may be good to go.

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