Saturday, March 05, 2011

Primer for Foot Shell Doors, Half Moons, Battery Box Doors and Styrene Side Pieces

I have quite a few parts that still require gray primer in preparation for white painting. Even the parts that already have gray primer could use a touch-up. And this doesn't take into account the legs and horseshoes.

The foot shell doors now have their primer.

As do the half moons that get attached to the doors.

I don't like the look of the primer on this half moon piece. It looks kind of runny and inconsistent, especially on the left side. I may have applied the primer to heavily. I'll see about sanding it smooth and adding another coat soon.

The battery box doors and styrene sections that cover the gap in the bottom of the aluminum skins are also primed. I didn't prime the battery boxes themselves, partially because I ran out of time, and partially because I'm going to drill into them soon to attach them to the foot shells. On droid #1 I never did paint the styrene because it was already white, and now the white doesn't quite match the rest of the droid. This time, it's getting painted.

Finally, it's been a while since I've done something exceedingly dumb on this build, but I made up for lost time today. In my mindless gathering of junk to paint, I grabbed the ankle cylinder holders and hit them with primer too.

Well, astute readers will recall that I already painted these!!!

So I painted them again!!

I wondered why this all seemed so familiar. Hopefully I've used up my quota of stupidity for the foreseeable future. But probably not.

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