Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Resin Part Prepping and Painting

Frustration is a nice 75 degree day in January, and only having an hour to do any painting.

I did what I could with that hour, and picked up some more Rustoleum Satin White paint.

At least the ankle cylinder holders got painted.

I'm going to be somewhat relentless with getting the resin eye to look as good as I can. It's one of those parts that gets noticed a lot, so I am still on the hunt to find and fix imperfections. And I'm certainly finding them.

I decided those spots could use some Evercoat, so I sanded the areas.

I applied just a thin layer of Evercoat, I don't think much is required to address the problem areas.

Another problem is the ankle details. I couldn't tell until I applied the primer that the top surfaces needed work.

Ten seconds with 180 grit sand paper has most of the primer off.

And a few more seconds, and the primer is gone. I noted that it appears some primer has worked its way into some pores on the surface. I think those are the areas to apply Evercoat.

As with the resin eye, I applied a fairly thin layer of Evercoat. Hopefully this will help smooth things out.

I will let the Evercoat dry, and at the first opportunity I get, I'll sand it smooth and try another proof coat of primer to see if it did the trick.


Anonymous said...

Hi Victor, go to an autoparts store and get yourself a tube of glazing putty. It is an air dry product that is meant to correct small imperfections like you are seeing. It comes in a tube and is much easier than Evercoat for small stuff.


Victor Franco said...

Thanks Alan, that sounds exactly like what I need. Mixing Evercoat isn't hard, but it's a bit tedious when we're talking about micro-fixes.