Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cut and Installed Battery Rails for Frame, Rear Power Coupler Holder

As much as I wanted to continue priming and painting today, my schedule didn't allow for it. Instead, I did some minor frame work.

I measured and marked where the wooden rails that hold the main batteries in place will go. I'm planning to go with the same batteries that I'm using in droid #1, so I used those for the loose test-fit. I also loose-fitted the rear octagon port to make sure that I provide clearance for it.

I then drilled pilot holes into the rail pieces on the drill press.

Next, I placed the rail back into the frame, and drilled through the pilot hole and into the frame, creating another pilot hole.

A few minutes later and the rails were installed.

I wrapped up by working on the rear power coupler holder. On droid #1, this is a simple rectangle of wood with the corners trimmed off to allow easier installation and removal of the batteries. The power coupler itself is attached with Velcro. This is similar to Mike Senna's setup.

I trimmed the material to size on the miter size.

Eventually this will be glued down in place.

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