Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Attached CFSound III to Panel, Platform for Fuse Box, Attached Connector to Motor

Tonight I did a little more work on the electronics.

Earlier, I had used the bottom cover of the CFSound III board as a template for where to drill the mounting holes.

Tonight I went to OSH to pick up some 1.25" #4 wood screws that are long enough to span from behind the wooden panel, and on into the case. The original screws were 3/4", but between the plywood and rubber feet, I needed the extra 1/2". I screwed in the screws from the back side of the panel.

The screws now hold the CFSound III onto the panel.

Next, I mounted the fuse box onto a small block of particle board.

I plan to attach this to the wooden electronics panel such that the fuses face straight up. If I had attached the fuse box straight to the panel, they would have been facing toward the front of the droid.

The last item of business for the evening was to attach the connectors that I plan to use for the motor. I clipped off the factory connectors.

I soldered on the connector.

I wrapped the solder joints with electrical tape and shrink tubing.

I hope to keep getting a bit more done each day.

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