Monday, March 07, 2011

Measured and Marked Mounting Holes for Battery Boxes

I'm really stretching the definition of "building" with this one.

I need to determine where to drill the holes for the drywall screws that I'm going to use to attach the battery boxes to the foot shells. I recall that on droid #1, the original H&A drivetrains with the Saturn windshield wiper motors left plenty of room for where to locate the screws. Once I replaced that drivetrain with the Senna drivetrain and its NPC 2212 motors, suddenly it became much more of a tight squeeze in both battery boxes.

This is the left battery box.

Things were especially tight in the right battery box.

Using droid #1 as a guide, I overlaid one of the NPC motors on top of the battery boxes for droid #2, and determined where the holes could go. Obviously the vertical location must be below the top of the foot shell(!).

I ended up marking three potential spots at which to drill. The lower spot on the left should leave enough room to get around the motor. The upper spot may be inaccessible on the right foot with the motor installed. However, I am not planning to install the motors immediately, so for now I should be able to access all three spots.

I ran out of time to do any actual drilling, I hope to get to that soon.

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