Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Frame Gouging for Dome Drive, One More Dome Drive Bar Modification

Well, the fit of the dome drive bar looked good on the frame by itself, but once I added the motor, motor mount screws, etc., it turned out that one of the ribs I added to help support the back door slightly interfered with the fit.

I turned everything upside down so I could better inspect what needed to be cleared.

Rather than saw down the bar some more, I used the Dremel drum sander to remove just a little material from the back of this rib.

That's better.

Next, I returned to the dome drive bar. Earlier, I had pronounced it done. That pretty much guaranteed that I had a little more work to do.

It would have been done had I decided to do things like I did with droid #1. On droid #1, I attached the 3/4" diameter shaft adapter above the dome drive bar. On droid #2, I decided that I want the shaft adapter to fit more snugly onto the motor shaft, so I needed to clear out enough space for the shaft adapter to fit in the center of the three mounting holes. I decided to hack away with a 1/2" drill bit to clear more material.

I may not be able to start a fire with a couple of sticks and some leaves, but I'll bet I could start one with a drill press, steel, and some wood underneath.

Some areas required a file to remove excess material.

Time for a test fit. The left side of the shaft adapter clears...

... as does the right.

I may need to shorten the shaft adapter a little bit. After that, I'll JB Weld the shaft adapter to the motor, and then drill and pin it to the shaft.

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