Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dome Drive Shaft Adapter Work

Tonight I did a little work on the dome drive shaft adapter that screws onto the motor shaft, and provides the axle for the scooter wheel.

This 3/4" diameter steel shaft adapter was provided by Vince Sanchez, and fits the motor shaft very nicely. It's just a little tall, but better too tall than too short. I marked where it needed to be trimmed.

The human band saw rides again.

That's better.

Now to permanently attach the shaft adapter to the shaft. After cleaning the motor shaft and threads of the shaft adapter with acetone, I applied JB Weld to the motor shaft.

And on goes the shaft adapter.

Soon I will drill and pin a 1/8" steel dowel pin through the bottom of the shaft and adapter, pinning them together for added strength. Then I can work on attaching the wheel.

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