Sunday, March 13, 2011

Frame Work for Dome Drive

Today I did a little work on the frame to accommodate the dome drive.

I placed the Rockler bearing onto the frame, set the wheel against it that is used to rotate the bearing. I then traced the overlap of the hole onto the frame. Material needs to be removed from this area. (Incidentally, I prefer this type of wheel over a metal wheel with an O-ring, because this wheel can wear for years and still have plenty of material left, whereas an O-ring can wear out much more quickly.)

With the Rockler bearing removed, I traced a larger arc to give some room for slop and error, and used the Dremel with the drum sander attachment to sand this portion of the frame into dust.

I held the dome drive in place underneath the top plate of the frame, and traced the outline of the inner edge of the frame on top of the dome drive bar.

I removed the motor from the dome drive bar, realigned the bar to the frame, and clamped the bar in place on the bottom of the frame. I used a pen to mark where to drill the 1/4" hole for the bolt that will be used to secure the dome drive to the frame. Here's the view looking up from the bottom.

With the frame upside down, I drilled the 1/4" hole. Because it's not possible to use the drill press on the frame, to drill a straight hole I used a thick block of wood with a 1/4" hole drilled into it to help keep the drill bit straight as I drilled.


I think there is only one more minor modification to the frame that remains. I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but hopefully soon.

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