Thursday, March 10, 2011

Battery Box Primer, Voltage Conversion for Dome Drive Motor

Earlier I had sanded the primer smooth on the parts I had primed last weekend, and the half moons needed a little touch-up.

Now these are ready for final painting. Or so I think.

Next, the battery boxes needed their first coat of primer. I used a dowel to prop up each battery box.

I applied two heavy coats. I'll sand these smooth soon.

The last item of business was to convert one of my Saturn windshield wiper motors back to its original 12 volts, from 24 volts. The requires that certain parts that were removed from the motor be replaced. The bad news is I threw those parts away years ago. The good news is that I was able to make lemons out of lemonade, and harvest the needed parts from a failed motor.

These are the parts that need to be transplanted. They consist of a housing, spring, contact, and coil

The contact is soldered in place, as seen just below the yellow wire.

The housing needs to be glued onto the board, as it's not possible to reattach it without destroying the board.

The housing and the spring and contact within it are glued down.

This coil needs to be desoldered from one connector, pivoted 180 degrees, and resoldered to its original connection.

That coil is done.

One last coil needed to be reattached.


Finally, I hooked up a 12 volt battery and gave it a test.

It works! I still need to pin a shaft adapter to the motor, and build the dome drive itself, not to mention the dome controller circuit. Lots yet to do.

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