Friday, March 11, 2011

Started Working on Dome Drive Plate

Today I worked a little bit on the dome drive, starting with the plate that holds the motor to the frame.

This is what the dome drive looks like on droid #1, and that I'm attempting to clone.

I'm not fond of tearing working things apart, but sometimes it's necessary.

Yesterday I picked up some 12"x3"x3/16" stainless steel, and I had them cut it in half.

I traced the outline and the location of the holes on the new bar.

I then clamped the bar from droid #1 on top of the new bar, to use as a template for the holes that hold the motor on.

I frequently lubricated the drill bit and hole I was drilling with WD-40, and drilled the hole.

I decided to stop at this point, as it was starting to get late, and drilling through the steel is quite noisy.

Once again it looks like my weekend will be busy with non-droid-building activities, but I hope to get at least something done. I'm just not sure what yet.

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