Saturday, March 19, 2011

Arts & Learning Conservatory Play - Return of the Jedi

Oh wait... that's right! I already built a droid! Cancel droid #2. (Not really.)

Poor droid #1 has been neglected for quite a while, but this evening he finally had a night out.

Tonight Ken Stubbert and I provided the droid entertainment for Return of the Jedi: Musical Edition, put on by the Arts and Learning Conservatory. (Jerry Chevalier had done droid duty the previous night.) These are the same folks that produced the previous two entries of the trilogy, to the second of which I brought R2 out in December 2009.

Several other members of the Rebel Legion and 501st were also on hand.

Before the show, it was pictures, pictures pictures, as always.

"Keep pulling, it's gotta come off sooner or later."

Shortly before the show, and during intermission, we raised funds with more photo ops.

One of these guys is Ken Stubbert.

After the show, the cast lined up in chairs to sign autographs.

Gotta love Ackbar. All together now: "It's a trap!"

Two Leias, the one from the show, and Caitlin, who is married to the playwright.

It was nice to get an event in for the first time in a while.

The full photoset is here.

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