Saturday, February 19, 2011

Attached Skirt to Frame, Adjusted Yellow LEDs on Rear PSI

Today I finally got around to attaching the skirt to the frame. I had drilled the frame back on December 26, 2010, but for whatever reason, I postponed drilling the skirt supports to attach the skirt to the frame.

I centered the skirt underneath the frame, and drilled pilot holes using a 7/64" drill bit for the #8 x 1.25" screws I am using to attach the skirt to the frame.

I screwed in each screw by hand with a screwdriver. In retrospect, using the drill might have saved me a blister or two.

Twelve screws secure the skirt to the frame. It's not going anywhere.

I turned the frame over to inspect the results. Everything looks nice and centered. A combination of a weird perspective and shadows produced from the camera flash gives the whole thing an odd look.

In the evening, I turned my attention to the yellow LED on the rear PSI. I had noted earlier that it wasn't bright enough, so I decided to replace it with three 7000mcd, 2.6Vf, 30mA yellow LEDs.

Of course, this means I needed to swap out the associated 1Kohm resistor. Ideally, I'd be using a 47 ohm resistor, but the closest I had was a 62 ohm resistor, so I used that. I may go resistor shopping to see if I can do better sometime later.

I also needed to swap out the associated 10 µfarad capacitor with a 100 µfarad capacitor, to get the blink rate right.

The verdict? It's definitely an improvement. Can I live with it? I think I can for now, but I certainly reserve the right to revisit this in the future.

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