Friday, February 18, 2011

Diffused Front PSI

Today I worked on the hot spots for the front Processor Status Indicator.

I cut a small piece of plastic and taped it in place for the front PSI housing.

I also bent the three red LEDs and two blue LEDs at 90 degree angles, so that they can point at the shiny inside of the PSI housings, rather than straight out.

This worked well. The "warm" spots in the picture aren't visible in person. This picture was taken with the flash off.

This picture was taken with the flash on.

Unfortunately, the rear PSIs could use a little work. The green LED (11000 mcd, 5.0Vf, 25mA) might be serviceable with a little effort, but I think a second LED would help even out the light.

The yellow LED definitely needs help. I think I will need to swap the one I'm using for two better ones.

I had thought the rear PSI would be a slam-dunk, but it's one of those things that you don't know for sure until it's all ready to come together.

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