Sunday, December 26, 2010

Drilled Frame for Skirt

Today I spent some time drilling the frame for the screws that will attach the skirt underneath it.

On droid #1, I used a total of six #6 wood screws, and so far this has worked out just fine. I have found that I use the skirt to slightly lift the front of the droid (well, the front foot) off the ground fairly often when I have to clear the occasional obstacle, so I decided I wanted to make the skirt attachment to the frame even more sturdy. I'm going with twice as many screws, and I'm using #8 wood screws this time.

First I used a 3/32" bit for the pilot holes.

Well, I was using a 3/32" bit, until I managed to break it with one hole remaining to be drilled. And then I broke it again pulling it out. I used a 7/64" bit for the last hole.

I then countersunk each hole.

I tested the fit of the #8 screw in the various holes, and all seems well.

I could have finished the job and attached the skirt, but that would have meant measurable progress, and we can't have that.

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