Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wrapped Up Finishing Work on Eye and First Cylinders, Evercoat for Second Cylinders

Time to apply some gray primer to the ankle cylinder work to see if they are good to go.

They're good to go.

Next, let's check on the eye.

Looks good too!

I also sprayed a little primer into the shallow slots on the ankle details, after I had smoothed them out yesterday. They also look ready.

Finally, I realized that I had forgotten to perform the same filling steps on the other two ankle cylinders, so I applied Evercoat to the areas that needed it, and I'll let this dry overnight.

I'm in a bit of a race against time. If I can't get the eye and other pieces properly primed with white primer tomorrow (and that's very much in doubt), then I won't be able to paint on Saturday. If I don't paint on Saturday, I won't have another opportunity until next weekend. I have a feeling it will all have to wait.

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Bith said...

Good luck with that -- waiting is the pits!