Saturday, January 22, 2011

Painted Eye, Ankle Cylinder Touch-Up

Today I was hoping to finally paint the resin eye. Was I successful? Ignore the title of this post and find out.

Since this part is "eye-catching" (ahem), I decided to wet sand the primer with 600 grit sand paper, to get the surface as smooth as possible.

A minute or two with the wet sand paper, and it's nice and smooth.

After wet sanding, I gave the eye a light coat of primer, in preparation for final painting.

Okay, let's try the purple again.

So far, so good. No crinkling or spiderwebbing whatsoever.

Next up, blue.

Still looking good! I think I'm past the danger zone now.

Finally, two clear coats, fifteen minutes apart.

Yea! It looks good! I guess all that prep work paid off (or, I lucked out).

I had wanted to paint the ankle cylinders and ankle details too, but as I closely inspected the back side of the cylinders, I noticed a few small voids that I wanted to fill.

I don't know if I ignored these earlier, or simply didn't notice them, but I decided to fill them.

But I wasn't done with them. First, I had to drop one onto the cement floor and damage the end (you can skip this step), which necessitated another round of filling. That's where I wrapped it up for the day.

I won't be able to do any droid work until next weekend at the earliest, so it will be a bit quiet here for a while. In the meantime, you can bask in the glory that is the complete photoset of the eye, including extra angles and pictures without the flash. :)

The link is here.


Anonymous said...

That radar eye looks beautiful. Makes me want to take mine off and redo it ! Mine has a funny crinkle line which has always bothered me.

Inspirational you are!


Victor Franco said...

Thanks Russell. I'm a little worried that I went overboard with the blue and it will be too dark, but I think it should be okay.