Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Ankle Detail and Eye Work

Time to apply some primer to the ankle details and see how last night's sanding turned out.

Not too bad! I think these are ready to move forward with white primer, and then painting (aluminum and blue).

Now let's check the work on the eye.

Not bad either, but not quite perfect yet. There are a couple of very small bubbles toward the top of the near corner that could use some filling, and it looks like I applied a little too much primer on the bottom near corner, but it's nothing some light sanding can't take care of, if it doesn't dry out by itself.

I'll fill those last small bubbles and then hopefully the eye will also be ready for white primer and final painting.

1 comment:

Bith said...

Ah -- your pesky Radar Eye! Hope you've reached the end with it. :-)