Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Installed Half Moons on Foot Shell Doors

Tonight I spent some time installing the resin half moon pieces onto the foot shell doors.

For each half moon, I started by taping the part in place on the door.

Next, I measured and marked where to drill the holes on the back side of the door. I'm using 1/2" #4-40 screws, so I need to drill at least 1/2" deep.

I used another half moon piece underneath the work to keep it level, and perpendicular to the drill bit.

Then I drilled the holes, using a #43 drill bit.

Next, I screwed in the screws. The resin and plastic are self-tapped by the screws, so there's no need for a tap bit. I clamped the half moon piece tight to the door, to ensure that the threads that were being formed in the holes would meet up properly between the plastic door and the resin half moons.

Close enough.

I repeated the process for the other center foot shell door, and the outer doors.

That's one more thing out of the way, many more to go.

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