Thursday, October 28, 2010

Return to CHOC

Today R2 paid a return visit to Children's Hospital Orange County, in the city of Orange, CA.

R2 was joined by Sonya Hall as Princess Leia, as we made the rounds to visit kids in their rooms.

As usual, pictures with patients are sparse due to privacy concerns, but we were granted permission to take this picture with a couple of patients in the activity room.

And also as usual, the staff enjoyed the visit.

As we left, R2 checked out the Halloween pumpkin decorating contest. "Hmm... Nice, but needs some Star Wars-themed entries."

Thanks to CHOC for hosting us again, and to Sonya for appearing as Princess Leia.


alanrw said...

I would love to see the look on a healthcare worker at the nursing station as the elevator door opens and R2 goes down the hall on his own. Priceless!!!!


Victor Franco said...

It's as if you were there Alan. We took the elevator a few times, each time, staff, family and patients reacted with stunned surprise. It's great.

We should point a camera at the doors the next time.


alanrw said...

Even better, let him come out of the elevator, go down the hall, stop and turn to face one of the monitors that always seems to be standing in the hall, say something to the monitor, turn and continue on.


Paul said...

Awesome! No pesky foot motor troubles this time! (And great to see Alan W. is still alive and well!)