Monday, October 25, 2010

Wired Up Dome Power Terminals

Tonight I performed the tedious task of wiring up what passes for positive and negative bus bars in my dome.

The "bars" are actually made of a non-conductive plastic outer casing, with metal innards. This way, I don't have to worry about anything shorting out when these are mounted in the aluminum dome.

There may be other plastic bus bars that connect all the terminals together, but unfortunately, these do not. Instead, terminals are connected in pairs in a front-to-back fashion, but the side-to-side terminals are not connected to each other. Thus, I need to string the back side together.

I cut eleven segments of wire for each bus bar, and I soldered each segment to the adjacent segments, and then screwed them down into their respective terminals.

I checked each segment with the multimeter as I went with, ensuring I had good continuity. Oddly enough, the multimeter reads zero when there is continuity, but it beeps nice and loudly.

All done, ready for dome goodies to be plugged in and powered up.

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