Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Today R2 visited the Long Beach Comic Con, along with Gene Arena's R2-A6 and many characters from the Rebel Legion, 501st, and other Star Wars costuming clubs (not to mention non-Star Wars costumers).

Chicks still dig R2.

Of course, kids also love R2.

More R2 devotion.

Some of the time was spent chatting with friends from the 501st and Rebel Legion.

No fear.

Fellow R2 Builders Club member Norm Rapmund was on hand as an artist, signing comic books and drawing sketches. It was one of these types of conventions (Wizard World) that got him into this crazy hobby.

Club member Liz Wrightson was also there, with her artist husband Bernie.

Terri Hodges split time between her husband Tom's booth, and the 501st booth.

This Ewok was adored by one and all. I think he thought he was King Kong, preparing to scale the droid. Why didn't I install that Ewok zapper?

As I was leaving, I was stopped for a brief interview with something/someone called I doubt that will ever see the light of day.

A quick trip down the elevator in the parking structure, and mission accomplished.

Tomorrow: Halloween

The complete photoset is here.

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Paul said...

Umm, wow. The girl with the R2 bathing suit and tattoo ....and the blonde in the black outfit....I sure hope you walked away with a few phone numbers! Aye Karumba!