Saturday, October 09, 2010

Placentia Heritage Parade and Festival 2010

Today was my third time participating with R2 in the city of Placentia Heritage Parade and Festival.

The event kicks off (appropriately enough) with a parade. Thus far, I've kept R2 out of the parade due to my concern with cracks and bumps in the road, and potential speed-of-parade issues. Other Star Wars characters did participate, however.

I had R2 join the Star Wars characters adjacent to their booth at the festival that followed the parade.

I was a little bit of a weasel today, and left R2 on top of his cart. I've had some mixed experiences with this event in the past, so I didn't want to leave R2 completely open to attack.

Although I didn't drive R2 around, I did activate his dome and sound automation circuit, so he was fairly lively, and I didn't even need to turn on the transmitter.

Folks from all walks of life (and then some) stopped for pictures.

Always a familiar sight. "What happens when I pull this thing?" Endless joy for the kiddies.

Mike Senna lives nearby and dropped by to say hi. "Man, I wish my droid looked this good."

Event coordinator Jim Cucalon took a picture with the two droid builders, along with Mike Prestin as our Clone Trooper and Nick Smith as our Tusken Raider.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early, and I also will not be able to do any blog updates until R2LA weekend, coming up starting Friday night.

The full photoset is here.

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