Saturday, October 13, 2007

Placentia Heritage Festival

The city of Placentia, California, held its annual Heritage Festival and Parade today, and R2 was asked to join in the festivities, along with the 501st. It was a gray and drizzly morning, so R2 stayed in the Droidmobile while the 501st marched.

Once the skies cleared a bit, R2 came out to party.

R2 might not be as tall as C-3PO, but he's plenty tall compared to many of the kids who interacted with him.

R2 caught up with some members of the 501st and Rebel Legion to take some pictures.

One kid (a girl around 7 years old) decided to give R2 a karate kick for no apparent reason. Fortunately, it just left a smudge, but I wasn't too wild about that. Her mom took her over to me to apologize.

All in all, R2 had a good time, and he's looking forward to more events.


Paul said...

Gaaah, why do kids kick poor R2! Note to self...pack a Taser when my R2 is out and about :) (Good to see the only damage is a smudge and no scratched paint)

Gerard said...

Kids will be kids... At least you got an apology, the kids that beat mine up with lightsabers encouraged other kids to in join in as well. And the Parent were Loving it. Aren't these Event Fun....? Think of it as your first step to "Weathering"

Calvin Thomas said...

I don't know how I would have handled that kid kicking R2.
Hum, I'll have to prepare for that problem.
Thanks for the site on the dolly,
I got to get one done up, Because R2 is gaining weight and I can't carry him very far.
I'll soon have legs and if Jag sends me my ankles he'll be standing.
If you get a chance, Check out my leg on my blog.