Sunday, October 03, 2010

Finished Cutting Front Logic Housing, Started Gluing

Today I spent a little time working on the front logic housing. I still needed to cut the vertical sides.

First, I had to measure how long to make them. They need to be exactly as tall as the space required by the front logic surrounds to fit into the outer dome panel, so I set up the surrounds and panel, and aligned one end, using a flat piece of PVC.

I noted the other edge with a piece of paper taped in place.

I then removed the surrounds and drew a line along the edge of the paper so that half the line was on the paper and the other half was on the PVC. The straight(er) side of the line is to the left, and that's the edge to cut along.

And cut along it I did.

I cut a second, identically-sized piece for other vertical edge, and did a loose-fit of the box around the bezels and logic boards.

As I noted yesterday, the aluminum logic surrounds meet the bezels at a tapered angle, so I needed to sand some material from one of the edges of each of the vertical pieces of the box.

This helps ensure a better fit of the surrounds when they are in the box.

Finally, I started the glue-up.

I used a couple of flat pieces of wood to ensure perpendicular alignment, and I used a scrap piece of PVC to ensure that the front edges were aligned.

I repeated this for the other half, and hopefully tomorrow I can glue the two halves together and the box will be done.

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