Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cut PSI Holders

Today I spent some time cutting the PVC legs that will support the PSI housings that Tom Doucet made.

First, I located where the housings should sit in the dome. Then, I used a triangular piece of paper to mark up where the PSI holder would support the housing. From there, I measured how tall the PVC holder should be. Note that the vertical location of the front and rear PSIs differ.

Next, it was a mere matter of chopping some strips of PVC to the right size.

A few chops later and I had my four holders. These will be glued down to the base piece that sits on the dome ring.

I sanded the top edge of each piece to match the profile of the PSI housing.

I also gave some thought to the housing for the front logics. As I did with droid #1, I plan to build a rectangular housing for these front logics. The aluminum logic surrounds are a little bit different than those on droid #1. The aluminum surrounds flare out a little bit where the plastic bezels meet the aluminum.

Building the box to fit exactly around the logic boards would mean that they won't quite fit around the aluminum surrounds too. After some consideration, I've decided I will sand down the inside of the PVC housing to allow the aluminum surrounds to fit. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

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